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This  concept allows the most current fabrics, wallpapers, finishes and fittings to  arrive at your doorstep where you are able to view them in your environment. 


Browse through catalogues of furniture, lighting, artwork, rugs and more.

At VT Interiors we offer made to measure window coverings service – custom made to suit your home – perfect style, size, fabric, colour and control system.

Thibault RO-Devon-PontormaWP-MiniSunFAB-robinsegg.jpeg
xavier Positano-Dining-Chair-White-Warwick-Arlington-Check-Xavier-Furniture.jpeg
Thibault RO-Devon-MiniSunWPsky-green.jpeg
Thibault RO-Heritage-PersianCarpetWP-01-BraidEmbroideryArboretaFAB.jpeg
Thibault -IndianFlowerWP.jpeg
Thibault RO-PalmGrove-BocaBamboo.jpeg
schumacher royal poppy .jpeg
Thibault RO-Devon-ElleryStripeWPkelly.jpeg
Thibault RO-PalmGrove-BananaTree-Pink&Green.jpeg
trimmings unique fabrics 3.jpeg
Thibault RO-FerndaleWP.jpeg
Thibault Antilles-JavaneseStripe-ClippertonStripe-green-white.jpeg
Travers fabrics .JPG
trimmings unique fabrics 1.jpeg
Travers .jpg
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Travers .JPG
VTI portfolio detail _edited.jpg
vti selection .jpg
trimmings unique fabrics .jpeg
VTI custom bench .jpg
VTI Portfolio lamps_edited.jpg
VTI portfolio drapery gracevile 21_edite
VT Interiors Drapery.jpg
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